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Auto Macro Recorder is the most easy to use Windows automation tool
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6 September 2013

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Repetitive tasks are one of most uninteresting and most tiring jobs in the world. Be it any manual job or be it a task on your computer system. However the tasks that you can carry out in the computer can be automated and a great deal of your time and effort can be saved using an automated technique. So to aid you in automating several tasks of typing and clicking via your mouse, Auto Macro Recorder plays a critical part. This software is regarded as one of the most effective and easy to use Windows automation solution. Using Auto Macro Recorder you will be able to record every key that is pressed against your keyboard and every placed that the mouse has been clicked in your PC.

With the ability to record entire keyboard and mouse actions, Auto Macro Recorder acts as a perfect automation tool. The utility is flooded with amazing features that can assists in creating strong script that can make the complete task of Windows automation process creation nice and easy. All the actions that are recorded by this application are not permanent and allows you to edit them suiting your needs in the complete process. It has got a robust script editor which is very easy to use and the script can be compiled into EXE to form an executable solution. Auto Macro Recorder gives you the complete luxury of creating scheduled tasks clicking on the appropriate icons, images automatically, execute most of the tasks that are repetitive without human intervention etc.

Auto Macro Recorder lets you to set the repeating ability of the tool as many times you want plus the application can help you shut down the PC one it has achieved the task of repetition. Owing to its plethora of sophisticated features, rating it with 3 on 5 suits it very well.

Publisher's description

Auto Macro Recorder is the most easy to use Windows automation tool. It can record all your mouse and keyboard actions and then replay them accurately. And it has many useful functions, you can create a very powerful script easily with it.
Key features:
Record and repeat all mouse and keyboard actions.
Find and click image on the screen.
Edit the mouse and keyboard actions record.
Powerful yet easy-to-use script editor.
Compile script to EXE.
Bind scripts to hotkeys.
Create scheduled tasks easily.
Auto Macro Recorder
Auto Macro Recorder
Version 4.3
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